Power Unlocks in Kid Icarus: Uprising

Below are the ways to unlock various Powers in Kid Icarus: Uprising, as well as their respective Treasure Hunt blocks if you wish to use a feather. This page will be updated as more powers are unlocked.

Eggplant Attack: Get turned into an eggplant 5 times. (Palutena’s Treasure Hunt, seventh row, fourth block from the left)

Tempura Attack: Get turned into tempura 5 times. (Viridi’s Treasure Hunt, fourth row, fifth block from the left)

Instant Death Attack: Defeat 3,000 enemies. (Viridi’s Treasure Hunt, sixth row, left-most block. Note, this can only be used in Solo mode)

Trade-off: Defeat 50 bosses. (Viridi’s Treasure Hunt, seventh row, sixth block from the left)

Random: Acquire 100 powers. (Viridi’s Treasure Hunt, seventh row, seventh block from the left, immediately to the right of Trade-off)

Fortune’s Jukebox: Collect all Zodiac Chamber weapons. (Hades’ Treasure Hunt, third row, right-most block)

Warp: Achieve 30 victories in Light vs. Dark. (Hades’s Treasure Hunt, sixth row, seventh block from the left)

Super Speed: Clear chapters 30 times. (Hades’s Treasure Hunt, second row from the bottom, second block from the left)


2 thoughts on “Power Unlocks in Kid Icarus: Uprising

    • It’s not a power that has to be unlocked, you should be able to get it randomly playing through various chapters on Solo mode. I know I’ve gotten Tirelessness Lv. 1 multiple times from playing Chapter 1, so you may want to try playing that several times to see if you can get it.

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