Orbitars is a Kid Icarus Uprising competitive community and fan site. Articles about Together mode strategies (Light vs. Dark, Free-for-All) will be posted as user content is submitted and written. There will likely be walkthroughs and single-player strategies as well.

SpotPass Daily Weapon Gems are the most common posts on the Orbitars blog, and happen daily with occasional interruption. Other pages tend to be updated as more information comes in, and articles are somewhat less common. If you’re interested in writing strategy articles for us, please let us know!

Like many community sites, the heart of Orbitars are its forums, so be sure to check those out here to introduce yourself to the community.

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Finally, Kid Icarus, Kid Icarus: Uprising, and all associated properties are copyright Nintendo and Sora Ltd., with all rights reserved. This is a fan-made site that makes no claim to owning any of the said properties, but exists to disseminate the information. Thanks for visiting!


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  1. Could I help as well? I could try and help advertise the website via YouTube and I could probably help for other things like analyzing bosses and the best way to defeat them. I could also email photos of AR cards for the website.

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