Gaol Blade 209 – Daily Weapon Gem for March 28, 2013

Good morning, Orbitars! Here is today’s Weapon Gem

Gaol Blade — Value 209
Ranged 0.5, Melee 3.5
Overall defense +1, Freezing +2, Speed +1

Not at all bad for its low cost, this Gaol Blade makes an excellent fusion piece with its high Melee. While none of the modifiers are all that great overall, Freezing +2 is rare in terms of status conditions, and both Overall defense and Speed are great overall. If you are interested in this Gaol Blade, it costs 9700 hearts to convert into a weapon. If not, you can always fuse it with another Gem or grind it up for 96 hearts

Also, it’s worth bringing up that there are only three more days after today of Weapon Gem deliveries, so be sure to check back over the next few days, as maybe we’ll get some cool stuff!


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