Weekend Weapon Gems (3/23, 3/24/2013)

Happy Sunday, Orbitars! Here are this weekend’s Weapon Gems from Palutena.

Saturday, March 23, 2013
Shock Orbitars — Value 254
Ranged 3, Melee 2.5
Paralysis +3, Forward-dash cont. fire +3, Melee dash attack +1, Recovery effect +1

This is one of the few Daily Weapon Gems that is actually usable as-is! Ranged 3 is decent on Shock Orbitars, and works really well combined with Paralysis +3 and Forward-dash cont. fire +3, both of which are very powerful on a Ranged weapon. Additionally, the high Paralysis chance means that you’ll have lots of time to hit enemies with Forward-dash shots, making your battles easier, too. Melee dash attack +1 is decent (useful in a pinch), and Recovery effect is good, too. If you’re interested in these Shock Orbitars, they will set you back 21,200 hearts. If not, you can always grind them up for 182 hearts.

Sunday, March 24, 2013
Compact Arm — Value 214
Ranged 1, Melee 2.5
Overall defense +2, Knockback defense +1, Shot homing +3

Today’s Compact Arm isn’t too bad, either. Value 214 is pretty low for something to actually use in battle (especially in Together Mode), but Overall defense +2 and Shot homing +3 are great to fuse onto other weapons. If you’re interested in using this Compact Arm, it costs 10,600 hearts to convert into a weapon, or can be ground up for 105 hearts.

Remember everyone, there’s only a week of SpotPass Weapon Gems remaining, so be sure to check back to see what the last few are!


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