Around Skyworld: Kid Icarus: Uprising’s One-Year Anniversary!

Hello again, Orbitars! I hope you weekend is going well. This is just a short reminder to note that Kid Icarus: Uprising was released in the US and Europe last year (and in Japan a year yesterday). I think feedback for the game has been pretty positive overall, and we’ve been happy to share all sorts of information about the games with you over the past twelve months. Although Masahiro Sakurai said there were no immediate plans for a sequel in the works (unfortunately), hopefully we won’t have to wait 25 years again for the next game! Anyway, we’ll keep posting Daily Weapon Gems until their deliveries end, as well as work to fill out the rest of the Powers List and other goodies around the site.

As always, keep checking back for your latest Kid Icarus news, and let us know if you have any cool ideas for things we can do! Thanks for visiting!


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