Crusader Blade 264 – Daily Weapon Gem for March 12, 2013

Hello once again, Orbitars! Here’s today’s Daily Weapon Gem from Palutena.

Crusader Blade — Value 264
Ranged 0.5, Melee 0
Overall defense +3, Weakening +1, Shot homing +2, Shot cancellation +1, Side-dash cont. fire +2, In-peril attack boost +4

This Crusader Blade is definitely a weapon made for fusion, but it’s also a VERY good one. Ranged 0.5 and Melee 0 are both incredibly lackluster on a weapon of such high value, but the modifiers make up for this wonderfully. Overall defense +3 is great and helps out anywhere, Weakening +1 is probably one of the best status modifiers in the game (too bad it’s only a +1), Shot homing +2 is great on ranged weapons, Shot cancellation +1 is an amazing defensive modifier, Side-dash cont. fire +2 is also good on ranged weapons, and In-peril attack boost +4 is great anywhere as well. Therefore, you should definitely be thinking of fusing this one with another weapon (or Gem!) with high Ranged or Melee scores to get some of the awesome modifiers. This Gem can be converted into a weapon for 27,700 hearts, or ground up for 206 hearts.

Have an awesome day!


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