Boom Orbitars 240 – Daily Weapon Gem for March 11, 2013

Good morning, Orbitars! Here’s today’s Daily Weapon Gem.

Boom Orbitars — Value 240
Ranged 3.5, Melee 3
Melee defense +2, Knockback recovery +1, In-peril autododge +1

These Boom Orbitars have good Ranged and Melee attributes, but below average modifiers. Ranged 3.5 and Melee 3 on Boom Orbitars is great, as the weapon is primarily ranged, but can hit pretty hard on the melee side of things too. Melee defense is good for getting caught up in the heat of battle, and the +1s are good on any weapon. It costs 16,000 hearts to convert these Boom Orbitars into a weapon, or you can grind the Gem up for 152 hearts.

Have a great day!


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