Thanatos Staff 231 – Daily Weapon Gem for March 5, 2013

Hello again, Orbitars! Here’s today’s Daily Weapon Gem.

Thanatos Staff — Value 231
Ranged 2, Melee 3
Health +2, Confusion +2, Shot range +1, Walking speed +1

This Thanatos Staff is an eclectic mix of attributes and modifiers, with a seemingly out of place Melee 3 combined with many attributes that work better on almost any weapon type. Shot range +1 makes sense on a Staff, but Health +2, Confusion +2, and Walking speed +1 can work pretty well anywhere. Therefore, like many Daily Weapon Gems, I’d recommend fusing this one. If you want to try it out, you can convert the Gem into a weapon for 14,100 hearts. If not, you can always fuse it with another Gem or grind it up for 135 hearts.

Have a good day!


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