Rail Cannon 251 – Daily Weapon Gem for March 3, 2013

Happy Sunday, Orbitars! Here’s today’s Daily Weapon Gem.

Rail Cannon — Value 251
Ranged 2.5, Melee 1
Melee defense +3, Health +1, Running speed +1, Evasion +4, Bkwd-dash cont. fire +2

This Rail Cannon is somewhat unfocused, but there are some very good things about it, too. Unfortunately, Ranged 2.5 is a bit lower than we’d like for a Ranged-based cannon, meaning that the modifiers will have to pick up some of the slack here. Melee defense +3 is always great, and Evasion +4 is fantastic. To round things out, Health +1 and Running speed +1 are nice (but small) additions, and Bkwd-dash cont. fire is fairly decent as well. I’d recommend using this one to fuse that nice Evasion +4 (or even Melee defense +3) onto something with higher attribute scores. The Rail Cannon can be yours for 20,100 hearts, or it can be ground up for 178 hearts.

Have a good day!


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