Atlas Club 204 – Daily Weapon Gem for March 2, 2013

Hello again, Orbitars! Here’s today’s Daily Weapon Gem from Palutena.

Atlas Club — Value 204
Ranged 0.5, Melee 1.5
Shot range +1, Evasion +2, Melee combo +1, Item attack +2

There’s not a whole lot to this Atlas Club, and it very much resembles a weapon that you’d get early game playing at a low Intensity. Shot range +1 and Evasion +2 are good modifiers to potentially fuse onto another weapon, Melee combo +1 is meh, and Item attack +2 is decent if you like that sort of strategy (it’s also why this Atlas Club was able to crack Value 200). If you want to try out this Atlas Club for yourself, you can convert it into a weapon for 8900 hearts. If not, you can fuse it with another Gem or grind it up for 89 hearts.

Have a good weekend!


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