Brawler Claws 213 – Daily Weapon Gem for January 15, 2012

Good morning, Orbitars! Here’s today’s Gem.

Brawler Claws — Value 213
Ranged 1, Melee 1.5
Shot defense +1, Stamina +3, Recovery effect +2, Heart bonus +1

These Brawler Claws are once again pretty average, as neither of the attributes are outstanding. Stamina +3 and Recovery effect +2 are both decent, plus the Shot defense and Heart bonus modifiers could come in handy as well. However, in spite of the good Stamina and Recovery effect, the weapon lacks punch (no pun intended). If you are interested in trying these Brawler Claws out, it will cost 10,500 hearts to convert them into a weapon. If not, you can always fuse them or grind them up for 103 hearts.

Have a great day!


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