Midweek Weapon Gems (Dec 11-13 2012)

Hello, everyone! Here are the Weapon Gems for the past few days! I’m having a busy week this week, so I’m going to cut the analysis out of this post. If you’re interested in a general idea of how to make good weapons (and how to tell how a weapon is better than another), be sure to check out The Science of Weapon Fusion.

Tuesday, Dec. 11:

Fairy Orbitars — Value 233
Ranged 3.5, Melee 1.5
Knockback defense +2, Walking speed +1, Dash cont. fire +2, Knockback recovery +1

14,500 hearts to convert; can be ground into 139 hearts

Wednesday, Dec. 12:

Samurai Blade — Value 202
Ranged 2, Melee 1.5
Bkwd-dash cont. fire +3, Melee combo +3

8600 hearts to convert; can be ground into 86 hearts

Thursday, Dec. 13:

Crusher Arm — Value 251
Ranged 2.5, Melee 1
Overall defense +2, Health +2, Poison +3, Shot homing +1, Dash cont. fire +2

19,700 hearts to convert, can be ground into 175 hearts

If you have any questions or comments about these Weapon Gems, be sure to leave a comment!


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