Fortune Bow 228 – Daily Weapon Gem for November 27, 2012

Hello once again, Orbitars! I’ve missed quite a few gems (and I’ve realized this), but in the interest of time, I’m going to post today’s Gem, and then go back and post some (though sadly not all) of the past week’s Gems. Without further ado, here’s today’s Daily Weapon Gem from Palutena.

Fortune Bow — Value 228
Ranged 3, Melee 0
Paralysis +1, Power attack +1, Effect duration +3, Knockback recovery +1

I like this Fortune Bow for fusion, as it has an average to above-average Ranged 3 coupled with rather lackluster modifiers. Effect duration +3 is good, but Paralysis +1, Power attack +1, and Knockback recovery +1 aren’t incredibly helpful, as they’re just +1s. Anyway, if you want to use this Fortune Bow, you can convert it into a weapon for 13,500 hearts. Otherwise, you can always fuse it with another Gem, or grind it up for 130 hearts.

Have a wonderful day! I’ll be posting the other Gems either later today, or tomorrow.


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