Around Skyworld: Club Nintendo Kid Icarus Core AR Card Set Giveaway!

Good evening, everyone!

There hasn’t been a whole lot of Kid Icarus news these days, but Nintendo has posted an AR card giveaway for Club Nintendo members! If you buy (or already have) Kid Icarus: Uprising, make sure to register it on you Club Nintendo account and fill out the accompanying survey. If you do, you’ll have a shot of winning the entire core AR card set, which is slightly over 400 cards! If you already own the game and have previously registered it, you can still enter by logging into Club Nintendo and submitting an entry that way. This is really awesome, and I think that Nintendo should do more things like this in the future. Here’s the link:

Kid Icarus Core AR Card Set Sweepstakes

The contest ends January 6, 2013, so be sure to register your games by then! Good luck, everyone!


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