Beam Claws 264 – Daily Weapon Gem for November 6, 2012

Good morning, Orbitars! Today’s Gem is actually pretty decent.

Beam Claws — Value 264
Ranged 2.5, Melee 3
Freezing +3, Shot homing +1, Side-dash ch. shot +2, Knockback recovery +1, In-peril autododge +1

For starters, both Ranged and Melee scores are average or better, and Freezing +3 is great anywhere. Shot homing and Side-dash ch. shot, while somewhat strange on Claws, work well here due to the Beam Claws’ increased ranged capabilities (compared to other weapons of its type). Knockback recovery and In-peril autododge are always good, especially on Claws, where you’ll often be in the thick of battle. If you want to try these Beam Claws out for yourself, you can convert the Gem into a weapon for 27,900 hearts. If not, you can always fuse them, or grind them up for 208 hearts.

Have an excellent day!


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