Rose Staff 184 – Daily Weapon Gem for October 23, 2012

Hello, all! Here’s today’s Gem.

Rose Staff — Value 184
Ranged 2, Melee 0
Freezing +1, Shot range +2

This Rose Staff is decent for its weapon value, as both Freezing and Shot range are good on a Staff. Ranged 2 isn’t great, but then again, this weapon is only value 184, so it’s not meant to be a huge, powerful weapon. Overall, this is a great starting point for a staff, and the modifiers (especially Shot range) can easily be fused to another weapon. If you’re interested in using this Rose Staff, the gem can be converted into a weapon for 5900 hearts. Otherwise, you can always fuse it or grind it up for 62 hearts.

Have a great day!


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