Around Skyworld: Possible New Nintendo World Events, AR Card Distributions

Hey all!

Today while at Nintendo World in New York City, I asked if there were going to be any more Kid Icarus related events since Friday Free-for-Alls have ended. The person I talked to (I unfortunately didn’t get his name) stated that the Kid Icarus events are some of the most popular events going on at the store, and they may try to do some new events in the coming months, such as Chapter Challenges or organized Light vs. Dark matches. He also said that there would probably be some ongoing Free-for-All matches at the store as well, at the normal time from 6:00-8:00pm on Fridays.

As for AR cards, in addition to distribution at new Nintendo World events, Nintendo will be distributing more cards at different gaming conventions (such as PAX, but presumably others as well). Therefore, if you’re still looking for Series 2 AR cards, you should check those places to get some.


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