Orbitars Battle Network: Fall Friendly and More League Information!

AmeobaHewdraw is holding a Fall Friendly, weekly play sessions every Saturday throughout Fall. It will start at 10am EST, will be unranked, and will switch off between Light vs. Dark and Free-for-All. This will be more of a low-pressure environment to play with people in, so if you’re looking for more people to play with, this will be an excellent opportunity!

You can find out more from AmoebaHewdraw’s post here in the forums. Of course, if you aren’t already a member of the forums, we encourage you to sign up!

In League news, I’ve been having trouble finding time to actually run a Fall League, as grad school and regular travel have made finding a regular time when people can actually play somewhat difficult. I’ve been playing around with the idea of Wednesdays at 10am EST, but other weekdays (that aren’t Friday) would probably work as well. The League would follow standard league rules that can be seen here, with the exception that both Light vs. Dark and Free-for-All would be implemented (especially as Free-for-All tends to be the more competitive game mode). What seems good for everyone else?


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