Daily Weapon Gem for October 1, 2012

Happy October, Orbitars! Here’s today’s Weapon Gem from Palutena.

Palutena Blade — Value 252
Ranged 1, Melee 1.5
Shot defense +2, Shot cancellation +1, Stamina +1, Power attack +1

Not much of note here, other than that the weapon has the relatively rare Shot cancellation modifier, which is often very useful on defensive-oriented weapons. Aside from that, the other abilities and modifiers are somewhat lackluster. If you’re interested in using this weapon, you can convert the gem into a weapon for 20,400 hearts. Otherwise, you can fuse it or grind it up for 179 hearts.

Have a great day! We’ll probably be running a few single-day events in the coming weeks (as opposed to the leagues, which are having some trouble at the moment). If you’re interested in doing Light vs. Dark, Free-for-All, or both, please let us know!


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