Sagittarius Bow 236 – Daily Weapon Gem for October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween, everybody! Here’s today’s Gem. It’s not too scary.

Sagittarius Bow — Value 236
Ranged 2, Melee 3
Melee defense +2, Burning +2, Speed +2, Heart bonus +1

I was really hoping for like a Doom Cannon or something, since it’s Halloween. Anyway, this Bow has the combination of average to slightly above average attributes with decent modifiers that go well on any weapon (Melee defense, Burning, Speed, and Heart bonus are pretty helpful to all weapon types equally). That being said, that makes this Sagittarius Bow a great fusion candidate, as you can move some of these modifiers to a weapon with higher attributes. Even still, it’s fairly usable as-is. If you are interested in using this Sagittarius Bow, you can convert the Gem into a weapon for 15,200 hearts. Otherwise, you can fuse it or grind it up for 145 hearts.

If you’re going out for the holiday, be sure to have fun and stay safe! Have a great day!


Jetstream Orbitars 307 – Daily Weapon Gem for October 30, 2012

Good morning, Orbitars! Your patience of the last few days of somewhat lackluster Weapon Gems shall be rewarded today, as today’s Daily Weapon Gem is a beauty.

Jetstream Orbitars — Value 307
Ranged 4.5, Melee 1.5
Overall defense +3, Health +3, Forward-dash ch. shot +2, Recovery effect +2

These Orbitars are fantastic, and very usable as-is. Forward-dash ch. shot +2 works well with the excellent Ranged 4.5 modifier, as well as the Jetstream Orbitars’ forward-dash charge shot, which is (I believe) its strongest shot. Overall defense, Health, and Recovery effect are great on any weapon, but these modifiers are high enough to really see them make an impact. This weapon is very powerful all around, however, like all Value 300+ weapons, these Orbitars come at a cost: if you want to convert the Gem into a weapon, it will cost a whopping 80,400 hearts. Of course, you can always fuse it, or grind it up for 336 hearts.

Have a great day!

Somewhat Staff 223 – Daily Weapon Gem for October 29, 2012

Good morning, Orbitars! Let’s start off the new week with a new Daily Weapon Gem from Palutena.

Somewhat Staff — Value 223
Ranged 2, Melee 1.5
Shaking +3, Walking speed +3, Item attack +2

Like the other weapons we’ve been seeing over the past few days, this Somewhat Staff is a good starting point, but needs a few more things to make it really excellent. Shaking +3 and Walking speed +3 are both excellent, but this weapon’s Ranged and Melee attributes are somewhat lackluster, making this weapon good for fusion of the previously mentioned modifiers. Item attack +2 is decent, and while I’m personally not a fan, I’m sure there are many people who love having increased power of things like Grenades and Lightning of Judgment. If you want this Somewhat Staff, you can convert the Gem into a weapon for 12,300 hearts. If not, fusing it is always an option, as is grinding the Gem up for a 120-heart reward.

Have an excellent day!

Bullet Blade 243 – Daily Weapon Gem for October 28, 2012

Happy Sunday, Orbitars! Here’s today’s Daily Weapon Gem.

Bullet Blade — Value 243
Ranged 3, Melee 2
Melee defense +1, Walking speed +1, Stamina +3, Melee combo +1, Knockback recovery +1

This Bullet Blade is a decent weapon, with average Ranged coupled with a very good Stamina +3. While nothing spectacular, the Melee 2 and +1 modifiers also give a few nice, albeit small boosts (especially for Melee combo and Walking speed). If you’re interested, you can get this Bullet Blade by paying 16,900 hearts, if not, you can fuse it or grind it up for 159 hearts.

Have a great rest of the weekend!

Bear Claws 229 – Daily Weapon Gem for October 27, 2012

Hey there, Orbitars! I hope you’re having a good weekend. Here’s today’s Daily Gem from Palutena.

Bear Claws — Value 229
Ranged 3, Melee 0
Shot range +3, Dash cont. fire +2, Recovery effect +2

These Bear Claws are the beginning of a good Ranged weapon, which is somewhat of a shame because Bear Claws are usually better as Melee weapons. Ranged 3 when combined with Shot range +3 and Dash cont. fire +2 is really good, and you probably should consider fusing these modifiers on a weapon more amenable to Ranged combat. Recovery effect rounds out the weapon nicely. If you are interested in using these Claws, you can convert the Gem into a weapon for 13,600 hearts. Otherwise, you can fuse it or grind it up for 132 hearts.

Have a great weekend!

Halo Club 193 – Daily Weapon Gem for October 26, 2012

Hello again, Orbitars! Here’s today’s Gem.

Halo Club — Value 193
Ranged 1, Melee 0.5
Petrification +2, Melee combo +2, Recovery effect +1, Full-health boost +1

As most of the other weapons this week, this Halo Club is a decent starting point, as both Petrification and Melee combo are pretty good. As it stands though, with its relatively low value, it won’t be quite as effect as other weapons (primarily through its Ranged and Melee scores, both of which are subpar). Of course, if you want to try out the Halo Club to see how you like it, this would be pretty good for that. If you’re interested, the Gem can be converted into a weapon for 7200 hearts. If not, you can always fuse it or grind it up for 75 hearts.

Have a great day!

Bomber Arm 265 – Daily Weapon Gem for October 25, 2012

Hello again, everyone! Here’s today’s Daily Gem from Palutena.

Bomber Arm — Value 265
Ranged 1.5, Melee 3.5
Knockback defense +1, Shot range +2, Forward-dash ch. shot +2, Item attack +2, In-peril autododge +2

This Bomber Arm isn’t quite sure what it wants to be, as it has an above average Melee score combined with modifiers that work best on a Ranged weapon (Shot range, Forward-dash ch. shot). That being said, the Bomber Arm’s Knockback defense, Item attack, and In-peril autododge can work well no matter how you decide to use this weapon. If you are interested, you can convert the Gem into a weapon for 28,500 hearts. If not, you can always fuse it or grind it up for 209 hearts.

Have a great day!