Daily Weapon Gem for September 15, 2012

Hey everyone! Today’s Weapon Gem is another Value 300+ weapon with quite a bit of potential:

Midnight Palm — Value 303
Ranged 2, Melee 1
Status resistance +3, Running speed +2, Evasion +4, Forward-dash ch. shot +4, Side-dash cont. fire +3, Effect duration +2

This Midnight Palm’s modifiers are all great, especially the combination of Evasion +4, Forward-dash ch. shot +4, and Side-dash cont. fire +3 on a weapon built for ranged combat. Unfortunately, these are somewhat hampered by a mediocre Ranged 2 score, but even still, this weapon has TONS of potential. If you want to try it out, you can convert the Gem into a Weapon for 73,500 hearts. Otherwise, you can fuse it (perhaps with a Weapon that has a high Ranged score?) or grind the Gem up for 322 hearts.

Have a fantastic day!


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