Weapon Gems for Yesterday and Today (8/17, 8/18)

Good evening, all! Here are yesterday and today’s Gems.


Dark Pit Staff — Value 271
Ranged 3, Melee 1.5
Overall defense +5, Evasion +2, Backward-dash ch. shot +2

Fairly standard, well-balanced staff here. It costs 33,500 to make into a weapon, or can be ground up into 225 hearts.


Crusher Arm — Value 233
Ranged 3.5, Melee 3.5
Power attack +1

Both Ranged and Melee scores are great, making this excellent fusion material. power attack is also nice, though is somewhat hard to move onto other weapons. For this weapon, it costs 14,400 to convert, and can be ground up for 138 hearts.

I’m currently in New York City (hence the very late update), so I’ll see if I can get some of the Series 2 AR cards to post. If not, I come here fairly often, so I’ll just check again in the future. have a great night!


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