Daily Weapon Gem for August 9, 2012

Happy Thursday, all! Here’s today’s Daily Weapon Gem.

Leo Cannon — Value 231
Ranged 1.5, Melee 2
Weakening +3, Stamina +4, Backward-dash cont. fire +3

This gem’s modifiers are pretty good, as Weakening +3 is one of the better status effects, and Stamina +4 makes it easier on you while you’re running around. The backward-dash cont. fire rounds things out nicely, and works well with Stamina +4. It costs 14100 hearts to convert this Gem into a Weapon, or it can be fused or ground up for 136 hearts. Finally, if you still haven’t unlocked the Leo Cannon and want to know how to do so, check out the Weapon Unlocks page!

Have a great day! While the Weapon Generator is still a few days off (need to finish entering the data values and more rigorously test the coding), a huge table of the fusion grid will be posted soon, with the interactive version coming later. Thanks for you patience!


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