Kid Icarus: Uprising Powers List Now Online!

Good evening, Orbitars! I’m here to leave a little note about great news: The Powers List is up!

In the Powers page, you’ll find names, descriptions, and Power Board images for nearly every single power! We’re missing a few individual levels for certain powers and missing all of Warp’s levels, so if you have anything to add, be sure to email us, leave a comment, or post your information in the forums. This was a truly massive undertaking, and I’d like to thank ShinobiKid and AmoebaHewdraw for their excellent input. Of course, we’ll update the Powers List as we get more information.

For those of you wondering what’s up next, my new projects for the site are running the Orbitars League (click the links on the sidebar if you’re interested in participating), doing a Strategy Article about making the most of the Power Board, and adding more information about Weapons, including doing more Weapon Spotlight pieces and even doing a Weapon Fusion Generator. These things are further in the future, but if you’re interested in contributing, let us know. We’re always looking for more contributors, especially if you want to write articles!


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