Daily Weapon Gem for June 21, 2012

Happy Thursday, all! Here’s today’s Gem.

Centurion Orbitars — Value 224
Ranged 0, Melee 0.5
Shot defense +2, Burning +2, Shot range +3, Speed +3, In-peril autododge +2

They can be converted into a weapon for 12,700 hearts, or ground up into 123 hearts.

These rare orbitars show what happens when you focus on weapon modifiers at the expense of attributes (see The Science of Weapon Fusion for more information). Also, for those of you trying to obtain Centurion Orbitars, these are a good choice, provided you have them unlocked. If you still need to unlock them, you need to defeat the Chariot Master and clear Chapter 19 in Crisis mode (or simply use the feather on Viridi’s Treasure Hunt, which is in the bottom row, seventh block from the left).

Have an awesome day!


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