Orbitars Organized Play?

Here at Orbitars, we’re dedicated to get you the information you want about Kid Icarus: Uprising. What we’d like to do now is to give you an environment to test your ability, so we’re thinking about having some sort of Organized Play. Organized Play could include things like weekly open battle times (almost like a “league” of sorts), guilds/teams for competition, online tournaments, extended seasons/ladders, rankings, and more. Since Kid Icarus: Uprising already has a nice system in place for online play (Far Away), potential players could simply provide their Friend Codes, and discuss battles and other associated topics in the Forums.

So what do you guys think? Would you want to be a part of an Organized Play system? What are some ideas you have to make it work? Let us know in the comments, and if you’re looking for people to play with now, post your information in the Forums!


3 thoughts on “Orbitars Organized Play?

  1. I have always dedicated myself to orbitars in the forums, I say all orbitars viewers should be on the forums. I made a weapon power discussion in the forums so be sure to check that whoever is looking at this post not you virusyosh you know about it 🙂

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