Around Skyworld: SpotPass, Kid Icarus: Uprising Events, and More

Hello once again, everyone! Kid Icarus: Uprising has been out for about a week and a half now, and Nintendo is doing well to promote the new 3DS title. Today I’m going to talk about two things in particular: the game’s SpotPass feature and upcoming events that Nintendo has planned.

First of all, most of you probably know how weapon gems work by now. If you don’t, the concept is simple: you set a weapon of your choice to be created into a gem, and then other players that you come across will download your gem automatically via StreetPass, where they can either convert the gem into Hearts, or pay a certain number of Hearts to get themselves a copy of your awesome weapon. What you may not know is that Nintendo sends out weapons daily through their SpotPass feature. This feature isn’t activated by default, so if you want to take advantage of it, be sure to go to Options, Other, and finally SpotPass, turning the switch on. The weapons vary in type and value ( I personally received a value 215 Bullet Blade yesterday), but they are generally good enough that you’d want to consider using (or fusing) them. However, it is important to note that these weapons are sent to you in gem form, so you do have to spend Hearts in order to obtain them. Oh well, can’t have everything, right?

Finally, I stumbled across a Kid Icarus: Uprising event at my local Best Buy this weekend, and spent some time talking to the Nintendo/onenation coordinator about the event. There as a table set out with a few demo 3DS systems available for people to try out the game, as well as free AR card packs to those that wanted them. The card packs contained 10 random cards, and each can be used to get more Hearts, unlock Idols, and of course, AR Card Battle (pictures will come later today). The coordinator said that these events will be all over in the new few weeks to get the word out about the game, so if you’re looking into collecting the AR cards, I would definitely try to find an event near you. I also asked about tournaments and other forms of competitive play, and while there aren’t any immediate plans for those sorts of events, I was told that there could be if there was enough collective interest. This sort of news is definitely worth keeping up with, so be sure to try to find some events near you and drum up some interest for organized play, because that would be really awesome!

In site news, the barebones of the forums are up, as well as the blog itself (obviously). However, images/site banners are still in the works for both. Also, we’re going to be working on some standard competitive rules for both Light vs. Dark and Free-for-Alll, so if you If you’re interested in helping out, drop by the forums and let us know. And of course, be sure to post your friend code and name there in order to find some new opponents to battle!

EDIT: I took pictures of the cards in my pack, and they’re good enough to scan! You may have to put your 3DS close to the screen to get it to work, but it does scan! Hope all of you can find events of your own and get your own awesome cards!


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