Daily Weapon Gems for this Weekend (April 28-29, 2012)

Hey all,

Yesterday’s Weapon Gem, in case you missed it, was:

Great Reaper Palm — Value 100

And could be converted for 200 hearts or ground up into 12.

Today’s is more interesting:

Atlas Club — Value 233
Ranged 0, Melee 0.5
Shot defense +4, Weakening +3, Stamina +3, Side-dash ch. shot +2

Have a great rest of the weekend!


Daily Weapon Gem for April 27, 2012

Happy Friday, all! Here is today’s Weapon Gem.

Meteor Bow — Value 205
Ranged 3, Melee 1.5
Standing cont. fire +3, Melee combo +1

It can be converted for 9100 hearts, or ground up into 90.

See you tomorrow! I’m working on another large article, as well.

Weapon Unlockables in Kid Icarus: Uprising

Hello, Orbitars! Today’s lengthy post is going to be a piece of information that will be quite useful for most of you, especially if you’re looking to collect all of the weapons. Today I’m going to talk about how to unlock each weapon in Kid Icarus Uprising.

Zodiac Weapons

Sagittarius Bow: In Chapter 2, there is a tapestry in the hallway right before you first encounter Magnus. Go behind it to find the Sagittarius Chamber.

Taurus Arm: In Chapter 4, you will find a room with a Clubberskull and many pits. Drop down the pit with light shining from it, turn around, and you should see the Taurus Chamber.

Gemini Orbitars: The Gemini Orbitars can be a bit frustrating to get, as you have to fight Dark Pit in the underground area in Chapter 6 (if you don’t fight him there, you’ll have to replay the level until you do). After fighting him Underground, look in the far left corner (from where you entered the Underground) to find the Gemini Chamber.

Cancer Claws: The Cancer Claws are in Chapter 8, in the room where the stolen constellations are (with all of the gold orbs). After jumping up to the second level, go off the beaten path before going to the third level, and drop down to the floor (there’s only one place where you can drop). Continue following the only way you can go to the Cancer Chamber.

Leo Cannon: In Chapter 10, The Leo Chamber is on the left side of the huge open space after driving the Exo Tank and sinking part of the statue. Hug the left wall and kill the enemies to find the Leo Chamber.

Virgo Palm: The Virgo Palm is in Chapter 12, toward the end of the level. When reaching the platform with two Grenades, defeat all of the enemies. Instead of traveling on the elevator that appears, turn around and take the other elevator down to the Virgo Chamber.

Libra Sponge: The Libra Sponge is actually a power, and can be found in Chapter 14. At the very end of the level (right before the boss chamber), turn around and go through the hallway blocked with electricity to find the Libra Chamber.

Scorpio Staff: In Chapter 16, take the Aether Ring downward into the rotating room. Maneuver the Ring onto a platform about 2/3 of the way down, and continue along to the Scorpio Chamber.

Aries Armor: The Aries Armor is also a power, and can be found in Chapter 18 near the hot spring. Instead of following the Souflee that appears, go left to the Aries Chamber to find the power instead.

Capricorn Club: The Capricorn Club is in Chapter 20, in the jail area where you need a key. Instead of going left (where the locked door is), go right to find a series of jail cells. Go through the open cell all the way at the end of the hallway on the left, and go through the fake wall to find the Capricorn Chamber.

Aquarius Blade: The Aquarius Blade is actually in Chapter 23, as Chapter 22 is an all-air battle level. At one point, you will find an area with two grind rails that you need to switch about midway through in order to stop from falling. After reaching the platform, turn around and ride the grind rail back the way to came to find a previously-hidden platform with the Aquarius Chamber.

Pisces Heal: The Pisces Heal is the final Zodiac Weapon, and is actually a power. It can be found in Chapter 24, right toward the beginning of the land battle section. Instead of going left to start the Three Trials, go to the right down a large staircase with many enemies. At the end of the staircase is a platform with the Pisces Chamber.

Other Weapons

There are many other weapons you can unlock in Kid Icarus Uprising aside from the Zodiac Weapons, and most of these involve doing a speed run of some kind or beating a level under certain other conditions. You can also use the corresponding Feather on each of the Treasure Hunt boards as well.

Palutena Bow: Clear Chapter 24 in 11 minutes. This is the sixth block in the last row on the Hades’s Treasure Hunt board.

Palutena Blade: Clear Chapter 9 in 28 minutes. Palutena’s Treasure Hunt, third block from the right in the top row.

Poseidon Cannon: Clear Chapter 8 in 20 minutes. Palutena’s Treasure Hunt, third block from the left in the bottom row.

Boom Orbitars: Clear Chapter 25 within 15 minutes. Viridi’s Treasure Hunt, fourth block from the left in the third row.

Centurion Orbitars: Defeat the Chariot Master and clear the chapter while in Crisis mode (Chapter 19). Viridi’s Treasure Hunt, seventh block from the left in the bottom row.

Viridi Palm: Acquire 5 different palms. Viridi’s Treasure Hunt, the seventh block from the left in the fifth row.

Viridi Claws: Clear Chapter 22 without dying on Intensity 5.0 or higher. Viridi’s Treasure Hunt, second block from the right in the third row.

Aurum Weapons

Aurum Blade: Destroy 8 of the Aurum Core’s guns. Viridi’s Treasure Hunt, third block from the right in the third row, immediately next to the Viridi Claws block. Also, note that the Aurum Core won’t have 8 guns until about Intensity 6.0, so keep that in mind when trying to unlock this weapon.

Aurum Bow: Defeat Aurum Pyrrhon and clear the chapter while in Crisis mode. Viridi’s Treasure Hunt, fourth block from the right in the fourth row.

Aurum Club: Clear Chapter 15 within 17 minutes. Viridi’s Treasure Hunt, sixth row, fourth block from the right.

Aurum Orbitars: Clear Chapter 16 using claws. Viridi’s Treasure Hunt, sixth row, sixth block from the right.

Aurum Palm: Clear Chapter 16 without switching grind rails during the boss battle against the Aurum Generator. Viridi’s Treasure Hunt, second row, fifth block from the right.

Boss Weapons

These are easy to get. Simply defeat the boss that the weapon is depicting. CONTAINS SPOILERS

Twinbellows Cannon: Defeat Twinbellows. (Chapter 1)

Gaol Blade: Defeat Dark Lord Gaol. (Chapter 2)

Hewdraw Club: Defeat Hewdraw Reborn. (Chapter 3)

Great Reaper Palm: Defeat the Great Reaper. (Chapter 4)

Pandora Claws: Defeat Pandora. (Chapter 5)

Dark Pit Staff: Defeat Dark Pit. (Chapter 6)

Thanatos Staff: Defeat Thanatos. (Chapter 7)

Kraken Arm: Defeat the Galactic Fiend Kraken. (Chapter 8)

Phoenix Arm: Defeat the Phoenix. (Chapter 10)

Cragalanche Cannon: Defeat Cragalanche. (Chapter 11)

Arlon Orbitars: Defeat Arlon. (Chapter 13)

Phosphora Bow: Defeat Phosphora. (Chapter 14)

Magnus Club: Defeat Pit’s Body. (Chapter 18)

Daily Weapon Gem for April 22, 2012

Hey everyone,

Hope you’re having a pleasant Sunday. Here’s today’s Weapon Gem:

Hewdraw Club — Value 208
Ranged 1.5, Melee 2
Petrification +2, Side-dash ch. shot +2, Full-health boost +2

It can be converted for 9700 hearts, or ground up into 96 hearts.

Also, I didn’t get a weapon gem yesterday, so if anyone could post what it is, that would be great.

Have a great rest of your weekend!